How to Check Iqama Status | Iqama Expiry

Iqama expiry is the major concern of any expatriate working here in Saudi Arabia. Make sure to have a valid iqama while staying here in KSA.

If your Iqama is expired then you are illegal the same day. Though you can avail three days grace period.

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There are two ways to check Iqama expiry, online & offline. But the authentic one is through the MOI Absher account. The offline method can give you a rough idea about the expiry but not the exact one.

Let see both methods in detail.

Check Expiry Date | Without Absher

Yes, if you don’t have an Absher account still you can check Iqama expiration at Ministry of labor – MOL website

Step-1: First of all, go to the MOL website. Here is direct link MOL Iqama Check

Step-2: Change the language to English. You can see in the below video guide if you can not find where.

Step-3: Fill the Iqama Number or Border Number

Step-4: Fill the date of Birth. You can change the calendar to show English  (Gregorian) dates.

Go to MOL new website and fill the iqama number and date of birth

Step-5: Enter the Verification Code and click ‘Next’

Step-6: You will see the information including the iqama expiration Date at MOL.

You will see Iqama expiry date in Hijri Calendar Date as well

You can watch the below video for more clarity if required.

Check Expiry Date | Absher

First of all, you should have an Absher account as I have already mentioned. But don’t worry you can still ask your colleague to do it for you from his Absher account.

Make & Activate Absher

You can do this on the MOI Absher website or through MOI Absher App

Step -1: First of all, go to MOI Absher. You will see a window like below;

This is how Absher look like

Step -2: Click on the Individual as highlighted in the snip. Now you will be prompted window like below;

Put user name and password and enter the captcha code

Step -3: Enter the user name, password and fill the image code. Hit ‘Log in’ & you will see a window like below;

Enter the verification code that you will recieve through SMS at registered mobile number

Step -4: Now, you will see a number of options like ‘Traffic violations information’, ‘Public Query Available Funds’. But you need to click at ‘Query Iqama Expiry Service’ as indicated in the below picture.

Click on Query Iqama Expiry Service

Step -5: In ‘Iqama number’ field fill your 10 digits Iqama number, Enter the Image code like 4191 in below example but your will be different and click ‘View’

Enter the 10 digits Iqama number and Image code

Step -6: You will see like Your Iqama is Valid till: 1441/06/13. Make sure the date format is yyyy/mm/dd. This is in the Hijri calendar.

You will see Iqama expiry date in Hijri Calendar Date

Step -7: Now convert this Hijri calendar date to Gregorian at

Hijri to Georgian Conversion Date

Iqama Expiry Check Through SMS

For this, you just need your Kafeel Batakha ID then send an SMS in below format

12*Kafeel ID*Iqama Number

e.g. 12*1534557545*2477346789

& Send to

  • 888994 if SAWA STC
  • 709444 if Zain
  • 624444 if Mobily

Charges of an SMS is 1.5 SAR.

Steps to Check Expiry Date | Offline

You can also check your Iqama issue date from your Iqama as you can see at below picture;

Saudi Iqama Picture

Here, I have translated Iqama the Muqeem card into English. Issue Date is the date where you can calculate one year more. Make sure to add the Hijri calendar year.

Iqama Expiry Date is also useful when filling out a lot form in Saudi Arabia like a bank account, Saudi Council of Engineers registrations, etc.

Video Guide

Iqama Renewal Fee 2020 (1441)

Iqama fee depends on

Iqama Fee | Saudi Employees more than 50% in Company

MOI FeeMOL – FeeMedical InsuranceTotal Fee
650 SAR8,400 SAR450 SAR9,500 SAR

Iqama Fee | Saudi Employees less than 50% in Company

MOI FeeMOL FeeMedical InsuranceTotal Fee
650 SAR9,600 SAR450 SAR10,700 SAR

Iqama Fee for Saiq Khas, the Maid, Mazra & House Workers

Iqama Fee – MOIWork Permit – MOLMedical InsuranceTotal  Fee
600 SAR 00 SAR500 SAR1,100 SAR

Iqama Fee for very small Companies | 5 workers or less

 MOI FeeMOL FeeMedical InsuranceTotal Fee
650 SAR00 SAR500 SAR1,150 SAR

MOI Fee: 650 SAR

MOL Fee: 8400 SAR (if Saudi Employees are more than 50% in your company) & 9600 SAR if your company have more expatriates than Studies

Medical Insurance: 450 for average class

Hence, the Iqama fee varies from 9500 SAR to 10,700 SAR. This is an annual fee.

This fee is calculated approximately.

What is Iqama?

Iqama is just a resident permit here in Saudi Arabia. It is now also known as Muqeem Card or Resident Identity.

The work visa you got is valid only for three months and before it’s expiry your kafeel needs to get an Iqama for you. This three months of visa period is also considered as a probation period. If both the parties are happy to go along then it is good otherwise a contract can be terminated in this period.

Its size is just like a credit card and is the sole identity proof here in Saudi Arabia. Your sponsor or as the say Kafeel is the one who should arrange it for you after completing the process like Medical test here and the government fee.

Saudi Arabia has been facilitating its residents and expatriates to deal with government-related queries through web portals like MOI, Ministry of Labour (MOL), Ministry of Foreign affairs (MoFA) and other departments.
An expatriate needs not to visit Saudi offices and sees the officials though everything is done online nowadays.

Helpful Portals in Saudi Arabia
  • MOI – Ministry of Interior
  • MOL – Ministry of Labor
  • MOFA – Ministry of Foreign Affairs

What is MOI Absher?

Ministry of Interior Saudi Arabia has launched a portal to deal with iqama queries online.
At MOI Absher you can check like Iqama Expiry Data, Iqama Validity Status, Kafeel name, Company CR number, Driving License & Istamar Validity, Final Exit, Iqama Funds and much more.
This is also a mobile application for this MOI Absher

Make & Activate Absher

What is MOL?

Al Ministry of Labour – MOL(وزارة العمل) website you can get Iqama fee status and Maktab e Amal fee on your Iqama, your Company or Mosassa Status if it is Red or Green, Platinum or in Silver Nitaqat category.

What is MOFA?

Ministry of Foreign Affairs – MOFA deals with visa issues, final exit, and ext re-entry issues. This is an equally helpful portal like MIO Absher & MOI.
On this blog, you will see quite helping material for an expatriate.

Iqama Status Red Green

This is also an important factor to know about the company you are working with. A nitaqat system was launched by Saudi officials to know if any company is complying with rules and regulations set by the government.
The companies are put under;

  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Silver
  • Platinum

We can read more about iqama status in the blog

Iqama Red Green

Available Funds on Iqama

This is also quite important to know about Funds available on your Iqama. This is also done at the MOI Absher portal.
The use of we need to see ‘Public Query Available Funds’ once we log in there.
The purpose is that if we have submitted some funds like ti renew the driving license, iqama, etc. then once the fee is cut/disappear from our Absher account it means the transaction is done like Iqama is renewed successfully or license is renewed – same other transactions.
You can read about Iqama funds by clicking this button.

Iqama Funds

What is Huroob?

Huroob means is run away from work. As per labor law, you can only work under your Kafeel. If any worker violates or stays absent from work then the Kafeel can report you in the Ministry of Labour that this guy is not showing up at work.

In that case, you are under huroob and illegal. Once caught then you will be sent to jail called Tarheel center. Until unless your Kafeel remove huroob status from your Iqama.
We will see how we can check this on MOI & MOL web portals.

Huroob Status


More to follow

You will find all the Iqama related queries on this blog.


Wrap Up

I hope this is quite helpful to find your Iqama validity status. Now Saudi Govt has updated rules so You can check iqama expiry date only with help of Absher. I have all the procedures in detail. You can also watch a video that will help you to check your iqama details.

FAQ’s About Iqama Expiry

What is the grace period on the Expiry of iqama?

It is for 3 days. But after three days if you are caught with expired iqama then you will be put into the jail until your sponsor comes and assure the police to renew your iqama.

How can I check iqama validity without Absher account?

You can check online at the MOL website as I have explained earlier or you can calculate from the iqama issue date printed on your iqama to get the idea.

What will happen if I am unable to renew my iqama?

You will be sent to jail and later on to back home and a permanent ban for entering again in KSA on a work visa.

What to do if Iqama Expires while on vacation?

First of all, you will not get exit re-entry beyond your Iqama expiry date. Still, if you go and unable to come on time then better contact to your kafeel and he will renew and also will extend your exit re-entry visa.

Is there any grace period after the iqama expiry?

Yes, there is. You can renew it within 3 days without any penalty imposed for late Iqama renewal.

How to check Muqeem Iqama Expiry Date?

Muqeem Card is the new name of Iqama & you can check its expiry date the same as explained for Iqama through Absher account.

May I send money back home with expired Iqama?

If your online banking is working then you can. Otherwise, no other option like Western Union, Al Ahli Quick Pay, etc will not entertain you.

What is the penalty on Iqama if delayed in renewal?

For the first time is 5oo SAR, the Second delay is 1000 SAR and if failed third time then deportation & 1000 SAR fine on Iqama.

How to get Medical Insurance for Iqama Renewal?

You just need to pay the fee & no need any medical checkup. But for Africans, Nigerians, etc. where Ebola or other diseases exit are bound to get medical clearance before Iqama renewal.

If my Iqama is stolen then what to do?

Immediately report it to authorities. Normally, tell your company office or any kafeel representative & let then handle the issue. Don’t come out on roads or streets until you have your Iqama with you otherwise, you will face a fine of SAR 1000 for the first time, SAR 2000 for the second time & finally deportation & SAR 3000 for the third time. A fee of the reissue is nominal.

It is called ‘soul’ & keep it always with you.

Iqama copy is valid as identity proof?

No, only original Iqama can serve as identity proof.

What if I could not get Iqama after the visa is expired?

Yes, if you still want to get an Iqama then you have to pay the penalty to get it.

If I am on a visit visa then I can get an Iqama?

No, it is only for working personals and their dependents.

Who is your Kafeel?

Kafeel is the one who has sponsored you to come here for work. You cannot get a work visa without any sponsor here in Saudi Arabia. Kafeel is the one who is responsible for your Iqama to be issued or renewed.

What documents are required for a new Iqama?

  • Your passport
  • 2 White background passport size fresh photographs
  • Medical exam report – Pass
  • Valid Medical insurance
  • Iqama fees, MOI & MOL Iqama fees.

During renewal, nothing required except the fee.

What is the Iqama Transfer Fee?

You can change your sponsor once both parties are agreed (you and your Kafeel). In that case, you need not go back home and get a new visa.
Sponsorship Transfer fee;

  • For the First Transfer of Sponsor: 2000 SAR
  • For the First Transfer of Sponsor: 4000 SAR
  • For the First Transfer of Sponsor: 6000 SAR

After that, you can take as many and the fee will remain the 6000 SAR.

What is mentioned in Iqama?

Iqama is now called Muqeen Card is the Resident Identity also has information on it like;

  • Complete Name in both English & Arabia
  • Photo – Taken at the airport while entering for the first time
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of Issue
  • Permit Number
  • Sponsor Name
  • Iqama Number
  • Religion
  • Nationality
  • Place of Iqama Issue

Most of the information is in Arabic but your name & Iqama number are in English.

How long an Iqama is valid for?

Normally, it is valid for one year. You have to renew within this period. You can avail 3 days as a grace period.

My spouse and children can avail Iqama?

Yes, you have to show a valid attested by authorities for a marriage proof for your spouse. Your kids can be under your name. You have to pay a levy fee now that is 400 SAR per head. May increase periodically.

You can not hold your children after they get 18 years old. Now, they need to manage their own Iqama.

How to do Iqama check kafeel name in English?

You need to log in at Absher account and go to ‘Dashboard’ click on ‘More Information’ and finally you will see your Kafeel name & you can translate in English by google translator if not in English already.

I have overheard that above 60 years person cannot get Iqama?

You are wrong. There is no such rule. As long as both parties are agreed it can go along.

What is Iqama number?

Iqama has 10 digits number printed on it. Iqama number is in chronical order like if a worker came here is 2010 around then the Iqama number maybe like 2288346977 & later worker will get starting from 2388346987, 2488346978, etc.

How long is an Iqama valid?

It is valid for one year from the date ho issuance, normally. You need to renew if want to stay any longer but it will be renewed again for one year, not a monthly or quarterly basis.

What is Iqama English?

It is called Resident Permit in English.

What is Iqama Card?

A resident permit issued to an expatriate coming to KSA for work. Iqama is just like a credit card as shown in its picture above.

Which departments in Saudi Arabia deals with Iqama issues?

Jawazat is the department that deals with all sorts of issues of Iqama.

What to do with expired Iqama after getting a new one?

Just crush it or waste it properly otherwise someone may misuse it and you will get in trouble.

How to get a Permanent Iqama in Saudi Arabia?

No way. You cannot get permanent residency in Saudi Arabia like in UK, USA, Australia or other European countries. Criteria to get permanent residency is really hard here in Saudi Arabia & other GCC countries.

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