Check Iqama Funds

To check the status of any service we can check through Iqama funds at MOI Absher account.

When we pay for any service like;

  • Vehicle Registration Renewal
  • Driving License Renewal
  • Sponsorship Transfer
  • Change in Profession on Iqama
  • Exit-Re/Entry Permit for vocations
  • Iqama  Renewal
  • Visit Visa Renewal
  • Dependent Fee

and so on.

Now to check if like we have submitted the fee for Iqama Renewal. This fee will show up in our Absher account. Once the Iqama is renewed this fee will automatically disappear. We can get theses Iqama funds back in our bank account if we change the mind.

Now, let see how we can check Iqama funds available…

Check Available Iqama Funds

Follow the below simple steps to know your funds;
1. First of all, login to your Absher Account. If you don’t have a registered account then you can ask your friend to check your funds available. You can make by following simple steps as described here Make & Activate Absher
2. Change your preferred language English or Arabic. You will see a window like below now

Iqama funds refund MOI Absher Account
3. Select “Public Query Available Funds” from the main menu

4. Enter you Iqama Number, The Image Code

Enter Iqama Number to find available Funds

5. Click ‘View’

6. On the next window you can see Available Iqama Funds

You can see your available Iqama funds here

This is how you caheck available Iqama funds. Now let us see how we can refund if we change our mind later on.

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Refund Available Iqama Funds

Make sure you can only refund only if thee funds are available in you account. If disappeared then you cannot refund.

Follow the below steps to refund it….You need to have an back account with internet banking on line access

  1. Log in to your Bank Account
  2. Go to the MOI or Saddad in available options
  3. Click on the MOI payments tab.
  4. Find “Alien Control” from drop down if not visible on dashboard
  5. Now, select the category where these funds are available. For example, if you have submitted the fee for visit visa extension and choose this. If you don’t know in which category these funds are then go to Absher Dashboard when you can see all the details easily – If not comment below i will help you to find the category
  6. Now, tick the checkbox at ‘Refund Option’.
  7. You can click on the ‘Submit‘ button now.
  8. Now enter your ‘Iqama Number’
  9. Click on the ‘Inquiry’
  10. Confirm

Once successful then wait for three days. You money will be in your account. You may be charged a minimal transaction fee by your bank.

For more information visit my blog about Iqama Queries

Video Guide

How to Refund Iqama Available Funds

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