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Huroob means is the ‘Run Away’ from kafeel. As you know, your kafeel is solely responsible to take care of his employees and you cannot work somewhere but only under your own sponsor.

Sometimes, you got a very good opportunity to work for other kafeel and try to grab it. In that case, you kafeel cannot mark you Huroob (Absent from Work).

Iqama Expiry Check

There is also another scenario where kafeel tries to exploit you just to grab your End service benefits.

In any case, the ministry of labor will approach both the parties and try to resolve the issue as per labor law & ultimately will punish either culprit.

Kafeel is the one who reports this to the ministry of labor if he finds anyone ran away.

If you are on Huroob then your Iqama is canceled and you are an illegal expatriate here in KSA now until Huroob is lifted by the sponsor.

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Check Huroob at MOL

You can check huroob at MOL website and I will walk through to the process here. Also, keep in mind that 100% confirmation can only be done by going there as sometimes online system is not updated.

Anyways, you can get 90% surety in any case at MOL. Let’s see the steps;

Step-1: Go to MOL Portal

Step-2: You will see different options like Border No. (you can get it from your passport), Iqama & Passport Number

  • رقم الحدود is Border Number
  • رقم الإقامة is Iqama Number
  • رقم الجواز  is Passport Number
  • إختر جنسية is Nationality

Step-3: I will try to check through Iqama number, as you can see in below snip. Fill Border Number or Iqama number or Passport Number with Nationality.

Step-4: Enter the Image code like 632019 but your code will be different and click on بحث

Go to MOL new website and enter your Iqama

Step-5: You will see an image like below. The highlighted part just copy and paste in google translator. This is not on huroob.

Iqama is OK not huroob

Step-6: If you see a status like below then you are in danger. It means kafeel has put huroob on you.

Iqama not Ok on Huroob

So in this way you can easily check huroob status of any Iqama. There is also another way through Absher.

Check Huroob at MOI Absher

If you have an Absher account then you can check it easily by login in your Absher if you don’t have Absher account then you have to make one. Here is the procedure you need to follow;

Make & Activate Absher

If you have Absher account then you need to follow the below steps;

Step-1: Go to

Step-2: Go to ‘Dashboard’

Step-3: Click on ‘More Information’

Step-4: Then in ‘Personal Information’, you will see like in the below image;

How to check Iqama huroof at MOI Absher

If you see Enrolled then it is not on Huroob and if No then in trouble. You have to contact your kafeel and resolve the issues so that he can lift your huroob.

How to Remove Huroob

The first 2 weeks are very important to remove huroob as it can be done by sponsor online. After that kafeel has to go to Jawazat and Ministry of Labor to get it done.

So, here is how you can make efforts for Huroob removal;

Contact Your Kafeel

Make sure to meet the kafeel and get the issues to resolve with him. This should be done within two weeks. Some people say a maximum of 20 days after huroob imposed.

Hire an Agent

You can hire some legal advisors who can help you to get things to settle after negotiating with your kafeel.

Go to Ministries

You can contact the ministry of labor, ministry of interior or Jawazat where the case is. Show them the proof if you have any regarding your Huroob. Because sometime kafeel may exploit a worker to grab end service benefits though it rare but happens.

Make sure to go for this option if you are quite confident and ca afford to stay in KSA without a job as if you lose the case then you will be paid nothing but if won you will get all the benefits and kafeel will be in trouble.

Surrender Yourself

You can go to the police and accept guilt. They will send you in jail for some time then will shift you to the deportation center. After they will arrange your final exit (Tarheel). In this case, you will be banned for a minimum of 5 years to enter again for work in KSA.

Warp Up

This system is to engage the workers in the jobs they have come for. Otherwise, it will be hard to control that much work force landing in KSA. This way kafeel is also bound to engage his workers and if any workers caught by authorities and kafeel have not reported then he will be fined like 5000 SAR to 15000 SAR leading to imprisonment if caught for the third time.

You can read more on Iqama Queries here Saudi Iqama 

Video Guide

You can watch the video if you are still unable to find the iqama huroob status

FAQ’s on Huroob

Can I go on Final Exit if I am on Huroob?

No, but if the police will catch you then they will send you and you will be banned for a minimum of 5 years from KSA. You will be sent home after putting in jail called Tarheel center.

Can Huroob be lifted?

Yes, if your kafeel wants too.

If I am put on Huroob wrongly then what?

In that case, just visit Jawazat and let them show the proof of your presence at work.

Can my employer put Huroob without asking me?

As per labor law, he first will ask you and will allow you to clarify the situation but in some cases, he needs not to ask you.

Can I take a transfer to another kafeel if I am on Huroob?

No, until Huroob is lifted by the current employer.

What is the major loss in Huroob?

You will lose all end service benefits and of course the job. A jail sentence and a ban of 5 years for entering again in KSA for work.

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