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Nitaqat program was launched to facilitate the Saudi population to take part in the development of the country. If a company contain a good number of Saudi national then it is regarded as a higher category. This law was first introduced in the year 2011. This is also termed as Saudization.

It is quite an important factor to know about your company. We will discuss the issues in detail later but first, let see how to check nitaqat category of the company at MOL.


Check Company Red Green

Follow the below steps to know about your company status;

Step – 1: Go to the Ministry of Labor website that is MOL Saudi Arabia

Step – 2: You will see a screen like below. Go the tab as I did here at (رقم الإقامة)

Step – 3: Enter your Iqama number as I have shown below. Then the Image code

Step – 4: Click on the option on the right side. The ‘بحث’

Go to MOL new website and enter your Iqama

Step – 5: Now, you will see the options line below it is (اخضر منخفض) – a Low green category. If you don’t know Arabic then copy this and translate it in google translator.

Here is the color of your Iqama

Video Guide

You can watch the video to understand all this;

What if my Company is Green or Red?

Always keep on the eye on company status through your sponsor is responsible but you as an employee should inform the concerns if you can that is why it is better if you know the company nitaqat category.

Remember Iqama or Company/Mosassa/Kafeel Nitaqat status is the same thing

Iqama Green Status

It is considered quite safe as your company is following all the requirements of MOL as per Labour laws. It means your company window is open for any kind of transaction.

Iqama Red Status

This is quite alarming as your company window is closed and you even will be unable to process exit re-entry to go on vocations unless it turns green.

At this point, you can transfer your kafeel without consent of the previous kafeel but the other company you are transferring should be in green at least.

Platinum & Silver Category

These companies are highly privileged and are well placed as they are following MOL instructions. These have a very high number of Saudi employees working with them.

Wrap Up

Nitaqat system is all about the number of studies in any firm. Higher the number is safer the company to work with & vice versa.

You can read more about Iqama & Iqama Expiry

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